Ideas change the world. Well-articulated ideas change the world even faster. We use a agile touch in public relations and consulting, message development, media strategy and training, perceptive writing and editing, commanding crisis management, and Internet advice with a collaborative approach by a team of award-winning international reporters, designers and communicators – a formula that earned founder Tom Squitieri three White House Correspondents' Association and three Overseas Press Club awards


Tom Squitieri


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TS Navigations LLC is a multi-faceted consortium of proven, highly-experienced
and collaborative professionals—founded and led by Tom Squitieri—specializing
in perceptive writing, engaging research and investigations, deft media training, commanding crisis communications, and overseas office creation. We passionately help clarify an organization's mission and goals – and then construct razor-sharp,
in-depth strategies to successfully achieve objectives. The goal is a message focused on sustained benefits with clear, concise and compelling content built on bullet-proof logic and, when needed, an appealing visual style.

My colleagues and I have always believed that everyone, and every business,
has a great story or two (or three or four) to tell. It is knowing what to listen for,
how to ask the questions that keeps the conversation flowing and that triggers
those memories and examples -- and then taking all that great material and communicating that story in a way that connects with people.

Having thrived in a variety of challenging situations enables us to see patterns in
the noise and connect the dots before anyone else. All of this is done with agile, cunning strategy and real, in depth technical content.

TS Navigations LLC can help you build a foundation that works – a plan that can
be adapted quickly, is believable and becomes the path to other goals. In a crisis communication situation, we work to immediately end the negative while building toward a pro-active platform. As a reporter who often covered those who were
reeling from hostile circumstances, I, along with my colleagues, know how the
media works and how to deflate those balloons. In a positive branding opportunity, connecting with those desired targets is primary and instinctive for us as a result of decades in the field producing award-winning journalism.

The world may see bruised tomatoes. We are the chefs who make them into
marinara that is irresistible.

Tom Squitieri's Biography

After 34 years as an awarded-winning journalist, Tom Squitieri joined the wider
world of communications and turned his talents into capturing client ideas and crafting them into prose that is smart, creative, unique, seductive and compelling,
to say what the clients want to say and help them win the business opportunities they seek.

Tom’s passion to use communication, writing and training to give structure and
voice to the important work and thoughts of others comes from being a superb
policy writer with an uncanny knack for rendering complex ideas into simple
compelling text; those skills have resulted in three Overseas Press Club Awards
and three White House Correspondent Association awards as a journalist and,
in less than two years in the public relations arena, a winner of a 2007
Communicator Award of Distinction.

Tom writes in ways to engage, stimulate and connect with all kinds of people. He brings a special emphasis on working with clients to create focused and intelligent strategies and messages that support successful media campaigns, from simple announcements to super-charged issues. In addition to media counsel, his writing skills help clients communicate with maximum credibility and impact.

In academics, Tom was invited to create and then teach a unique college course
that combines journalism, public affairs, ethics, philosophy, current affairs and war zone survival skills into a practical application to broaden thinking and day-to-day success. That course teaches students how to ask questions that cannot be
dodged, provide answers that are detailed and on-point, and unleash the ability
to think on one’s feet and use all of one’s senses. It also teaches the merits of
when to be silent and how to write creatively and clearly.

Tom has been on all seven continents - and in dozens of places he intends to
keep secret.

What We Do

To move forward, there must be two broad media elements: the mechanical and
the spiritual. The mechanical is the nuts-and-bolts elements—developing press
lists, writing news releases, spokeswomen and men, guiding on interacting with reporters, and so forth. The spiritual is the development of the message, the
support for others to add veracity and soul to that message, the implementation of that message in the field, in the media and in many other places, the "why" that convince others that what YOU do does matters.

What We Do

Evaluate your needs and develop a long term relationship with you

Identify your target audience and come up with a strategic plan

Provide product placement, develop media sources for you, give you exposure in important media markets and guide you to use the social media such as Twitter
and Facebook.

Write speeches, articles, help you develop webinars, give you talking points for
any appearance, brief you in advance so you are fully ready for every opportunity.

We guarantee creativity and confidence, every minute and every day


Associates | Have Passport will Travel

  • Aleksandra
  • Oggie
  • Kelly
  • Fiona

Aleksandra Segec

Aleksandra Segec is a Communication and Human
Resources Development Specialist. She holds an MBA in Comparative linguistics and literature of South Slavic
languages and graduate degree in journalism.

As an accomplished linguist and creative, determined,
media and communications coordinator and specialist,
Segec has a broad insiders’ knowledge of the world’s most influential media
as well as international organizations (UNICEF, OSCE, UNDP), where she
worked as communication and program officer. She has worked for sixteen
years in the international media, advocacy, marketing and relief world on four continents.

Human resource development and corporate culture issues in business
(Agro-economics, FMCG and services) have been central areas of core
creativeness – including engaging employees to drive business success,
improvement in employee commitment and performance while introducing
quality as overall high business priority. She is based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Oggie Radosavljevic

Oggie Radosavljevic received his BA in English Language
and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He
broke into public relations and communication in 1992,
serving as a translator, fixer and media coordinator for various humanitarian organizations. His focus on connecting individuals with the larger world, born out of the conflict the former Yugoslavia, has continued through today.

Radosavljevic is based in London, where he runs his property company Derrybank Ltd. UK. In the 1990’s he worked as a foreign news assistant editor at the Yutel TV channel in Sarajevo. Since then he has managed a number of profit and non-profit projects for a variety of companies and organizations including Monaco’s Zepter International, UNICEF, International Rescue Committee, and International Medical Corps. He has lived and worked in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Iraq, Chad, Bosnia and Serbia.

Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan has more than 20 years of print design
experience including art direction, design, project
management and production. Detail oriented, motivated,
creative self-starter and team player, Kelly is able to manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines in a fast paced environment.

Her background includes more than two years as art director for National
Geographic Magazine,
where a position was specifically created for her to
facilitate in-house art direction, design and mechanical production of marketing campaigns, advertorials, and promotional materials. Prior experience includes
more than 11 years at The Washington Post as a senior designer and other

Kelly was honored as recipient of The Washington Post Publisher’s Award for Outstanding Service 3rd Quarter 1997 and was selected as a judge for The
American Horse Publications 2000 Annual Awards Competition.

Fiona Lloyd-Davies

Fiona Lloyd-DaviesFiona Lloyd-Davies is an award winning documentary film maker and photojournalist with more than 15 years of experience making broadcast programming for British and International television markets.  Her work has received the highest British Media industry accolades by being awarded two Royal Television Society Awards for Best Foreign Film and for Innovation. She provides a superior documentary and film opportunity for TS Navigations clients as well as specific individual work through Studio 9 Films Ltd. (
As a broadcast television producer/ director, Lloyd-Davies has worked extensively with the BBC, as well as working for Channel 4 Television (UK), Al Jazeera International and CNN. Her photographic work has been published in magazines and newspapers including the Guardian Newspaper and the Observer Magazine.
Based in London, Fiona’s specialties include foreign projects, working as a series producer, developing ideas, putting teams together, and overseeing a multi faceted production from conception through to delivery.  Her work combines strong journalism with a creative visual flair and a passion for exposing injustice through exhaustive research and commitment – which has led to a stellar focus on human rights, developing world and humanitarian issues in spots (calm and trouble) all over the globe.


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Commencement address, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina

A slice of peace, Eastern Turkey, 2003.

Gabriella's radio debut, WNJR, Washington, Pennsylvania

Baghdad press conference, 2004

Ayers Rock, Australia (one of seven continents visited)

Sarajevo airport, 1992

Eastern Thailand, 1986

On television news show

Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002

With Wahab Owolabi and Richard Easton.


Tom with his son Marco.


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TS Navigations, LLC has been fortunate enough to earn the following awards:

Winner — 2007 Communicator Awards, “Award of Distinction,”
for client book From Weapons To Wetlands.

Winner — 1993 Overseas Press Club citation,
coverage of Burundi, Haiti and Bosnia.

Winner — 1993 White House Correspondents' Association
Raymond Clapper Award,
coverage of Burundi, Haiti and Bosnia.

Winner — 1992 White House Correspondents' Association
Barnet Nover Award,
coverage of Bosnia.

Winner — 1991 Overseas Press Club citation,
coverage of Haiti.

Winner — 1991 White House Correspondents' Association
Raymond Clapper Award,
coverage of Haiti.

Winner — 1987 New England/Associated Press feature writing.

Winner — 1986 Overseas Press Club Madeline Dane Ross Award,
1986 reporting from Thailand.

What People are Saying

  • Testimonials
  • Additional Testimonials
  • Other Wise Thoughts

The Trailblazers
TS Navigations owner, Tom Squitieri, featured in W&J Magazine

View the pdf or view the entire magazine online

"On behalf of the Texas Press Association, thank you for delivering an outstanding talk at the association's 125th annual summer convention, June 18 at the Omi Hotel. The anecdotes about your career as a newspaper reporter were greatly appreciated by an audience comprised of Texas community newspaper editors, publishers and owners. It was apparent that if you had had two hours tos peak instead of one, no one would have left the room. Your abilities as a speaker shone. Your well-timed jokes, skillful analogies, and ability to mimic a well-known voice all played to great advantage. Please accept our thanks. We would be happy to recommend you as a speak to other press groups."
— Ed Sterling, Director of Member Services

“Just to let you know that last night we had our launch event for the
Davidoff Super Slims. It was a GREAT night with over 350 guests, all top
Middle East distributors for Imperial Tobacco attended, in addition to our corporate regional director. I delivered what everyone said a superb speech
and I was relaxed. So it WORKED…. And thanks again for helping me train
for such an important event. I feel much more confidant, and the earlier
nightmare speech experience I had is past tense to me. Once again big
thank you”

—Muhannad Jabi, Imperial Tobacco Limited and Group Companies

“On behalf of the U.S. Air Force, I would like to pass along my sincere thanks
for your time in judging the annual U.S. Air Force Media contest. Your expertise
in communication and print was critical to our contest”

—Major General Darren W. McDew, USAF, director of public affairs

"It is an honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with an innovative
individual such as Tom. He easily thinks out of the box for new and creative mechanisms to achieve objectives. He is a master composer of the written word
and lets no detail go undetected. I highly recommend him on all counts — ethics, professionalism, integrity, congenial and high standards"

—Carol Fleming, International Affairs Specialist

“I can't recommend Tom's work highly enough. He developed tailored
media training programs for our clients, and we never had a single trainee who was less than thrilled with the results. Tom's ability to easily adapt to the various fields, media backgrounds and personalities of the trainees is outstanding”

—Jennifer Goodman Horowitz , Assistant Vice President, Dittus Communications

“Tom was dedicated to every assignment he undertook — especially those
in the most dangerous and difficult locations. He brought a positive attitude
and a strong work ethic to his reporting in Iraq and other countries. I'm sure
he offers the same strengths in his current position”

—Elisa Tinsley, World Editor, USA TODAY

“Thanks again for the great job! The client’s happy – I’m happy!! Thanks!”
–Aileen Pincus, president, The Pincus Group

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in presenting to the
members of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association at our Annual Convention.
I was approached by many of our members with great complements about the session. I have enjoyed working with you and if you are ever in Denver, stop by
and see us”

–Gregory Fulton, president, and Tracy Sakaguchi, event coordinator, CMCA

“If you think you have one more thing to say, don’t say it”
—David Bloom, NBC reporter and Haitian comrade

“You trust your mother. But you cut the cards anyway” —Dan Rather

“A little eye contact goes a long, long way. Just be careful of where it is you
want to go”
—Mike Dooly, Long Island City, NY

“There is a lot to say in her favor, but the other is more interesting” — Mark Twain

“Birds are entangled by their feet, men by their tongues” —Thomas Fuller

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” —Seneca

“In the animal kingdom, the rule is eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom
define or be defined” —Thomas Szasz

“One of the things women claim is most important in a man is a sense of humor.
I have learned that they are usually referring to the humor of guys like Brad Pitt,
Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. Apparently those guys are hilarious”
—Jimi McFarland, Denver, Colorado

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug” —Samuel Langhorne Clemens

“Everything before the 'but' is bullshit” —Traditional reporter instruction

“With the number of publicists we have down here, you would think we would
have a better image” —Mephistopheles

Audio and Visual

The Chinese Professor
Citizens Against Public Waste, October 21, 2010
Watch (video)

Gabriella's Radio Spot
Gabriella Squitieri, WNJR radio spot, April 2009, Washington, Pennsylvania
Listen (mp3)

Newseum war stories
Newseum War Stories, Tom Squitieri

Newseum war stories
Newseum War Stories, Central America, Tom Squitieri and others


Overseas Press Club of America,
lead judge, Madeline Dane Ross award

The Association of Political and Public Affairs Professional
annual “Pollie” awards

U.S. Air Force Media Contest







Case Studies

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  • 3

ARDEC Picatinny: ARDEC QE&SA Lean Six Sigma Competency is the
Baldrige award winning efficiency and creativity program – the best program very
few people have heard about. Now they are hearing about it, through speeches, brochures, websites, visits, news articles, books and a total infusion of awareness
of how this program that does good for whoever embraces its methods and successes. The canvas was bare when our work began; now it is brimming with
colors and stories, in a journey that is designed not to end – but only get better.

Brookings Institution: Initial task was to determine why a major, highly
publicized project failed to gain much publicity. Conducted a communication
audit and media analysis for the project and recommended immediate steps
to be implemented – with immediate positive results of significantly increase
story placements and response. The project was broadened to develop similar
media strategies for the rest of the year. The emphasis on infrastructure and
urban areas had a direct impact in the commitments made by the Democratic presidential candidates.

Kurdistan Regional Government: Provided a national media plan and public awareness campaign to raise the visibility of and support for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. This included developing and writing the first ever tourist guide for the region and a media outreach efforts that led to the Kurdistan Region being named one of the top places to visit in 2011 , among others, the New York Times and National Geographic. The outreach included a national speaking tour through the World Affairs Councils and local business groups, and aggressive development of brochures, educational material and other collateral materials, to augment the political and economic messages that linked the Kurdistan Region with Americans.

Primary author and editor of high-level op-eds for key senior KRG officials and author of speeches for the U.S. representative; envisioned, crafted, developed, and produced a web site for the U.S. liaison office; envisioned, crafted and produce a monthly e-newsletter; anchored and coordinated a mélange of public relations efforts and opportunities; prepared and conducted elite media training for officials in the U.S. and Iraq, and developed talking points for meetings in the White House

In addition, researched and wrote the draft press law that became the vehicle for debate and passage before the Kurdistan parliament that for the first time removes criminal proceedings against journalists and establishes, for the first time in any part of Iraq, freedoms of expression, communication and assembly.

Wholeness for Humanity: Developed and crafted a six-month “crescendo”
plan for media awareness, coverage and cultivation for this environmental-based/spiritual organization with a prime focus on care of the Chesapeake Bay.
The successfully implemented plan resulted in wide coverage of a three-day
event in October, repeated stories in the Washington media regarding the
different challenges facing the Bay, and garnering attention from the White
House (President Bush declaring concern for two species of Bay fish).

Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association: Revamped and crafted a
membership brochure for the organization. Conducted multiple-level media
training through the United State on behalf of the PMTA for its affiliate
organizations. Contributed key aspects to message development in ongoing
state and national transportation issue campaigns.

NewsMax: Used existing deep sources to acquire challenging interviews and
produce exclusive political copy for the magazine and website.

Institute for Public Dialogue: Help construct strategy and produce materials
to develop allies in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House for consideration of a
new foreign policy platform.

Peace X Peace: Now at its five-year mark, PXP needed a breakout media and communications plan for 2008 and 2009, aimed at securing elite coverage,
boosting membership and corporate sponsors, and establishing itself as a go-to source of expert commentators and thought leaders.

Glebe Inc: A Nevada-based editorial consulting firm that coordinated a national coalition designed to raise awareness and stimulate action on lowering the federal budget deficit. In the two months prior to the election, authored more than two dozen op-eds, speeches and radio scripts that advanced and expanded that goal. Also led the "intellectual ammunition" arm of the campaign, including locating scholarly non-partisan research for data in support of the coalition's positions and arguments. Coalition members included Citizens Against Government Waste, Public Notice, Americans for Prosperity, 60 Plus Association and Concerned Women for America.


  • Creative
  • Classroom
  • Overseas Assistance
  • Media and Presentation Training


Our creative offerings are full-range, anchored on stellar writing,
strategic planning, and research, investigations and interviews.

More than 35 years of award-winning writing performance and experience is put to
use in capturing your ideas and crafting them into prose that is smart, creative,
unique, seductive and compelling. We will define your message and make sure it connects effectively and compellingly to your clients, the media, and your staff as
it outshines your competitors.

One of our passions is using writing to give structure and voice to the important
work and thoughts of others. We start at the beginning, drafting new material, or modifying existing concepts. The scope of work can extend from basic word-in/
word-out line editing and rewriting to larger-scale restructuring. Years of working around the country and the world have made us conversant and creative in many areas; of course we also delight in being quick studied in new fields.

The world’s perception of you and your organization is almost always colored by
the quality of your printed material. Let’s make it the best.

  • Writing Capabilities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Research and Interviews

• Corporate and annual reports
• Brochures
• Op-eds and letters to the editor
• Speeches
• Testimony
• Message development
• Training manuals
• Booklets and coffee table books
• Ghost writing and editing
• Advertising text and marketing collateral

• Media analysis/communication audits
• Crisis Communication; maintaining control under challenging situations
• In-sync coordination with government relations and other teams
• Determining media attitudes, needs and requirements
• Seductive branding

• Media assessments and communication audits
• Skilled interviewing
• Dexterous and strategic probes and background reviews
• Enhanced multi-faceted research
• Competitive intelligence and opposition profiling


Tom Squitieri's experience is shared through these and other classroom opportunities:

To read about the classroom experience called "The Trail Blazers"
download the article as a pdf or read the entire issue online.

Washington & Jefferson College, Adjunct Communications professor.
Developed and teach a course melding ethical questions of life with using the
skills of seasoned reporters and war correspondents to succeed and contribute positively to the world. Various emphasis included analysis of daily news events
and coverage, construction of solutions of current social problems, recognizing
truth in its various forms and development of situational awareness, asking good questions, demanding good answers and be able to think on one’s feet. The
running, sold-out course – “Your 15 Minutes: Navigating the Checkpoints in
Life” – includes transferable elements to communications opportunities and challenges.

George Washington University, Annual guest lecturer, Graduate School of Political Management:
Lectures and technique demonstrations on the “Care and Feeding of Reporters,”
fair and unfair reporting, journalistic perspectives of the “importance” of different
stories in different parts of the world, and the secrets of political reporting.


Overseas Assistance

For more than a quarter of a century I and my colleagues have literally been
dropped into foreign locations, usually on our own, to begin reporting or
other duties.

For more than a quarter of a century, my colleagues and I have literally been dropped into foreign locations, usually on our own, to begin reporting or other

To do so, I had to find living quarters, establish contacts in the government, hire translators, drivers and other staff—and, of course, produce exclusive material.

(Part of my successes in these far-flung locals is my ability to find just the right ingredients then whip them into mouth-watering meals.) I have been on all seven continents and can help you take the steps you need to get started or to grow—whether through strategy sessions in your home office or accompanying
you in the field.

We have passports and will travel. We are at home anywhere in the world.

For your overseas needs and expansion, our offerings include
In-advance location survey; home and office location options
Finding real people to meet real communication needs
Unique site locations
Staff recruitment
Government contacts
Supply system organization
Media surveys, interview arrangements, publicity codes and customs
Media training for the new nation’s media


Media and Presentation Training

Social media, speeches and elevator conversation, cocktail chatter and congressional testimony. They are among the ways in which you’re likely to be
asked: “What are you up to? Or “Why did you do THAT?” Working together, we
can put you in charge and secure that you’ll leave any audience nodding in agreement with your goals, strategies, choices and results.

You can never be too prepared for a media interview. Even the best professionals make mistakes because they don't take time to thoroughly prepare their message
and deliver it. Our training makes you savvy, articulate, aware and ready. We work
with you through training with real-life issues while preparing you for the tough questions reporters will ask about you and your business.

The primary goal is to make the most of every opportunity, every time. We work
with you on various interview modes, such as friendly questions versus hostile questions, and then move increasingly to specialized niche instruction. We also
help construct and deliver a clear, captivating message and give you and your
people the confidence to perform well in all media situations. 

Before we even start there will be completed extensive, detailed and pleasantly surprising research so all materials are designed just for you. One more important point: We’ll also have fun. It is an integral part of any workshop. There is no wrong way; only different ways to deal with the media. A sense of accomplishment and confidence is part of the deal.

Reporters are paid skeptics. Getting your story told through a cynical reporter
requires skill, experience and a deft understanding of the rules of the game. The
goals include both understanding the message and giving you and your people
the confidence to perform well in all media situations. Bad publicity can be only a
click away n today’s 24-hour news world. We help be your personal trainer for
words and messages. We make the media work for you.

Media, presentation and speech training case studies are available upon request


  • Brochures and Newsletters
  • Speeches
  • Booklets and Books
  • Advertisements
  • Op-Eds
  • Articles

Brochures and Newsletters

Kurdistan Regional Government Newsletter (KRG)
Outreach and Community Newsletter
Download PDF

Kurdistan Regional Government Website
Outreach and Community Website
View Website


PEO Ammunition Lean Six Sigma Trifold Brochure
Download PDF

Pennsylvania Motor Trucking Association (PMTA)
Information Membership Brochure
Download PDF

Halabja Display Panels
United Nations exhibit commemorating the genocide, New York City
Download PDF








Qubad Talabani, speech to the World Affairs Council of Northern California, San Francisco, November 11, 2010
Download PDF

Qubad Talabani speech, April 16, 2008, Florida International Summit 2008,
University of Central Florida, Fairwinds Alumni Hall, Orlando, Florida
Download PDF

Remarks by Bill McDermott—Chief Executive Officer, SAP America, Inc.
“A Vision with Value: Helping People Make the Most of Their Abilities”
Accepting the “Humanitarian of the Year” Award from Triangle, Inc.
April 13, 2007 -- Boston, Massachusetts
Download PDF

Qubad Talabani speech, April 19, 2009
“The World’s Newest Democracy” (The Future of Democracy in Iraq)
National Press Club, Washington, D.C.
Download PDF

Indiana Univerity of Pennsylvania Graduation Speech
May 10, 2003, Indiana, Pennsylvania
Download PDF





Booklets and Books

URAC 2010 Annual Report
Annual Report for URAC.
Download PDF

Kurdistan Regional Government
Brochure booklet on new U.S. headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Download PDF

From Weapons to Wetlands
The proud heralding of a green journey back to nature, January 2007
Download PDF

Closing the Circle of History
How one corner of America played an amazing part in U.S. History,
November 2007
Download PDF








KRG Free Press Day
Democracy talks in many ways
Download PDF 1
Download PDF 2

Fluor (Fluor-Daniel) Ad Series
The often unheard thanks of individuals to a company in the wake of a disaster
Download PDF

Kurdish Regional Government Washington Post Ad
A New Birth of Freedom in America and Iraq
Download PDF







2010 National Deficit Reduction
Download All PDFs
A True Strong Defense
Here We Go
Laboratories For Deficits
Military Moves
Not A Capital Idea
Paul Bunyan Budget Choices
Try To Remember That Time In December
You Say, I Say

Rich DeVos: Recalling the fabric of the American way
Download PDF

The U.S. is A Fixer Upper that Needs Repair
Download PDF

Kurdistan Hopes for Talks
Download PDF

Invasion is Wrong Answer to Turkey's Problems
Download PDF | View Online

Between Scylla and Charybdis
Download PDF


Newsmax: "A Godsend to the GOP"
March 2010
Download PDF

Newsmax: "Can Michael Williams Energize Texas?"
May 2010
Download PDF








  • Learn to be the Boy, Not the Barber
  • How to Approach a Checkpoint
  • How to Ask Questions
  • Before You Begin
  • How to Avoid Being Conned

Learn to be the Boy, Not the Barber

A young boy, Tomaso, enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to his
customer, "This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it to you."

The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then
calls the boy over and asks, "Which do you want, son?" The boy takes the
quarters and leaves.

"What did I tell you?" said the barber. "That kid never learns!"

Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the young boy coming out of the
ice cream store. "Hey, son! May I ask you a question? Why did you take the
quarters instead of the dollar bill?"

Tomaso licked his cone and replied, "Because the day I take the dollar,
the game's over!"




How to Approach a Checkpoint

Use situational awareness
Be patient
Be polite
Be smart
Be quiet
Do not show any knowledge of the local language or customs;
that way things will be revealed to you
Have Checkpoint K-Y ready
observant and vigilant
Learn from every conflict you face
Minimize mistakes
Remember your life depends on your action




How to Ask Questions

President Ronald Reagan press conference, White House






Before You Begin

You must know:
The ground rules of an interview
The types of questions that will be asked
The background of the reporter and what they have previously reported
Your specific message points — the core of your message — for that interview
or presentation

You must remember:
messages concise and easy to understand
Check facts and statistics
Focus on delivering the message, not the words
Avoid empty rhetoric, technical jargon, and complex concepts
Take your time. Make sure everyone understands each other
Challenge mistaken premises
Do not be afraid to say “I don’t know” but offer alternatives
Steer back to your messages
If you stumble, start again
Never lie, speculate, guess, bluff, improvise – or get too comfortable
Make your comments count
Take control of your story
Miss a deadline; miss out on telling your side of the story

The Four Traits of a Con Artist

People look to take advantage of others all the time. To minimize that possibility,
here are ways for YOU to be aware and determine if someone is trying to con you:

pretend to be your friend
They seek you out under false pretenses
They act different with different people
They compromise their ethics

 © 2012 TS Navigations, LLC. All rights reserved.